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Visit the Chaplain’s office Monday - Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

In conjunction with a team of designated spiritual Advisors and Pastors, the University Chaplaincy provides individualized personal and pastoral counseling and a wide range of group programmes, with the primary goal to help students realize, develop and direct their Christian and personal talents and capabilities.The Chaplaincy also offers worship activities, church group activities, Encounters and spiritual retreats, and Christian Leadership activities.

As part of the University College’s Total Personality Development, the Counseling Centre also offers training programmes and training workshops on personal development topics including Developing Healthy Relationships.


The vision of the chaplaincy Department is to become the university community center for effective spiritual formation.


The chaplaincy seeks to serve the University community by offering care and counselling, support and guidance in matters of faith and spiritual development for all students and staff, both Christians and non-Christians.


At ANUC, we organize career/chapel service every Wednesday for our students as a form of career and moral advancement. The Chaplaincy uses the career service as a platform to expose students to the cooperate world by letting them interact with season Entrepreneurs who have made it in life. We also engage other professionals in various disciplines to share their skills and experiences with the students. Whiles the chapel service focuses on prayers, worship and reflecting on the word of God.

The Chaplaincy Team


Pastor (Main Campus)

Rev. Awulley Ayikwei Adotei
BA, M.Th.,(Ph.D. Candidate).
[email protected]

Pastor (City Campus)

Pastor Emmanuel Atipaga
[email protected]


Wednesday (Prayers) 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Friday (Bible Teaching) 6pm – 8pm

Wednesday (Prayers) 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Friday (Bible Teaching) 6pm – 8pm

Morning Devotions

The department also organizes morning devotions for students and faculty in the university ultra-modern auditorium before each day’s lectures begin. These devotions are led by faculty and student leaders.

Spiritual Formation

The chaplaincy organizes a week of prayer for students and faculty of the university. Such intimate meetings are typically characterized by a strong tradition of vibrant worship, intense prayers, and inspirational messages, to mention but a few. This is done at the early part of each semester to commit the entire semester into the hand of our creator


The Chaplaincy also work together with the Counselling Department to provide counselling services and spiritual support for students and staff of the University community. The College Counsellors offer guidance and counselling services on academics, social, psychological and spiritual issues. We help students and staff to explore their lives with meaning and purpose.


ANU provides a Christ-Centered Education which is captured in our Total Personality Development Programme. This concept covers four primary areas: Leadership (deals with social development and ethical values), Character (deals with moral values and dress code), Spirituality (deals with Christian values), and Discipline (deals with academic and career development). The Total Personality Development classes holds every Thursday from 1pm